Knowing the rules and procedures about PET CREMATION IN DUBAI, can help you be prepared and organized when the unforeseen happens.

Being a pet owner you will undoubtedly one day have to deal with the passing of your beloved furry friend… I know the thought of this can bring on anxiety and a tendency to want to avoid thinking about the subject. But we have to be brave now and sort it out before we have to deal with the unthinkable. It makes things      easier on you as you are removing that stress now, to give you the space to grieve instead.


What to do with your pet’s body the day they go over the rainbow bridge…?

It is not permitted in Dubai to burry your pet’s body in your     garden/backyard. Placing them in a dumpster is also not allowed as it is classified as unhygienic and against the public health codes. Other stray animals can discover them and contamination and spreading of diseases are made possible, due to the fact some animals did not die of  old age/accident etc…

You can take your pet’s body to the Municipality’s Veterinary        department and commonly the deceased pets will be cremated at their licensed crematory. The Municipality are responsible for the ashes after the cremation and in charge of disposing these according to health and safety regulations. You have to pay, but the fee is small and affordable.

Municipality Veterinary Services Section-Link


What are my other options? 

1. TAKE THEM TO YOUR VETERINARY CLINIC:                                   The ordeal of having to cart around your pets body, filling out papers and seeing the place they end up if you don’t take his ashes with you, can taint the last memories of your deceased pet. Your vet will              handle these tasks for you.  The fees will depend on  weather you want the ashes back or not and weather you desire a normal or          private cremation.  The vets usually include their own boxes that your pet’s ashes will be stored in.

2. CVRL ( CENTRAL VETERINARY RESEARCH LABORATORY):      They offer the same services as your vets and the fees are less, but you have to obtain the correct bags for putting in your pet’s                     remains and label it correctly. You also will have to go fill out the forms. CVRL have their own urns at different prices if you do not provide your own.



Unfortunately in any society stray animals and highways full of cars do not go hand in hand and reality is stray animals may die for various reasons.  I believe most of us are good Samaritans at heart and it disturbs us to see dead animals on the streets, please take precautions to keep yourself save.

DO NOT STOP on a busy highway and get yourself or someone else injured by trying to remove a dead body off the road. Only do so if it is ABSOLUTELY 100%  safe to just pull the body out of the road. The municipality road cleaners will pick up the bodies and dispose of them as needed. But if you are worried this pet belongs to someone, take a picture.                                                                                                                        -If you absolutely feel like you have to remove the animal to take it to a vet to get its microchip checked, then  please use a barrier between your skin and the animal’s.                                                                           -If you encounter a dead animal in your neighbourhood, you can put it in a plastic bag and discreetly put it in the big garbage bins.                   (I am not advocating this as it is not permitted-I am simply listing the options available and it’s up to every individual to decide what they want to do).



colourful earth goddess
I love you and miss you, but you are part of the universe now. You will forever live on in our hearts. xxx
 * That all said and done, it is a very traumatic ordeal for people to lose their pet due to having them euthanized, accident or old age.  At least you have some options available to you and it’s good to know what you want to do with your pet’s remains when the day comes. Remember that grieving isn’t a 1, 2, 3 process. Take your time to mourn your lost one and also give understanding, time and space to those who have lost a furry pal. Lots of hugs, tissues and a shoulder to cry on is priceless. *




  1. This post brings sad memories back when I had to have my 17 year old cat whom I had ever since she was a 6 week old kitten put to sleep because she suffered a stroke. Thank you for offering wonderful options to those who have suffered this loss.

    1. Hi Steph!

      I am so sorry for your loss! It is indeed a heart retching ordeal losing a pet. Just knowing what your options are, free you up to do the thing that is needed and it’s working trough our grief. And also living here in Dubai, means I have to leave here one day and I can’t leave them here. I have to take their ashes home and sprinkle it at my place of retirement.

      Big hugs,

      Erica :-)

  2. Everybody in Dubai who has pets must know that there is a website like this that’s full of information on PET CREMATION. This is very helpful. I don’t want my pet to be just thrown away or buried somewhere else. Even if it’s legal in Dubai I would still prefer cremating my dog’s body and bring the urn back home as a memory of my best buddy.

    1. Hey Russel!

      Yes, same here. Some people deem it creepy, but I would for sure keep my loved one’s ashes with me. I hate the thought of it rotting away in the ground in a foreign country that I have to leave one day. I promised to take care of them for ever. This way I can keep my promise.

      Thank you for the thumbs up on my site!

      Cheers Erica :-)

  3. The bond between man and pet can be so beautiful.

    It makes it very hard when the two must part. One of my dogs died only a few days ago. You are so right that it makes all the sense in the world to plan ahead so that the focus can be placed on grieving.

    And yes motorists should be very careful when stopping on a busy highway to retrieve a dead animal – it would be a safer choice not to play hero!

  4. Hi Erica,
    Very interesting and informative post about what to do with your pets once they have passed on. It seems cremation is the only way of properly taking care of a pet’s remains, correct? Burial is not an option, even if it’s a lot you bought in a cemetery?

    1. Hi Warrick,

      Yes, you are correct. Even if you do have a piece of land, it still isn’t really allowed to burry animals in your back yard.
      That said, I think lots of people do anyways. But it is to do with the ground water in Dubai that could be contaminated if bodies are buried.

      The only hygienic way to dispose of dead animal bodies is cremation. Religion also comes into play about animals, but that doesn’t really affect the reason for the rules the way they are, but it does play a small part. Also this being desert, if you do not burry them deep enough the local wild life could dig them up too, causing disease to be spread if the animal died of something icky.

      So best to just get the body to your vet or the cremation center and do it the proper way.

      Cheers E :-)

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