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Festive Greetings to everyone!About Erica

This is about Erica-I have spend my whole life around animals. My childhood was spent on friend’s farms and we always had tons of animals around.

I’ve had many animal related jobs. Growing up I volunteered at the SPCA’s in South Africa and I went to a horse riding academy and got my 3 year diploma in Equine Studies. But specific to Dubai- I worked as a pet sitter for Homely Petz http://www.homelypetz.com/, I did front desk and secretary duties at The Veterinary Hospital http://www.vet-hosp.com/, I foster a hoard of animals myself, do pet sitting for friends and am active in TNR (trap, neuter, release) programme in Dubai.

I have dealt with a lot of people and the main problem I come across is that there is no proper directory of animal services for Dubai. There are some, but most are incomplete, bias or do not list any of the pet charities in Dubai that does a terrific job to  help keep unwanted and dumped  animals of the streets and find them new and loving homes.

So here is my mission!

I am out to create the ULTIMATE animal directory listing pet services and animal charities witch contains QUALITY content….


This will include most of the usual services that you look for when owning a pet-veterinary hospitals, kennels, pet sitters, grooming, favorite pet products etc.  But the main focus will be listings of the animal charities, the services they offer and publishing of their adoption days.

This is a new and scary journey for me, so just bear with me if you are not listed yet.


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